// we are tchai

Call us retail specialists, instore wonders or stars of shopper marketing. One thing is for sure: Tchai is a proud family company with a doers DNA and an uncompromising drive to make the impossible possible. A collection of driven people with brains and guts! And that is what we need, because we set the bar very high indeed. With Tchai only better than best is good enough. How have we managed that for over 50 years? We simply love our work!

and this is what we do

Create a stunning shop experience that hits the high notes. A shop presentation that is a treat for the eye and stimulates all the other senses. At Tchai we understand the art of temptation like no other. We go under the skin of your brand and look inside the heads of your target group.

Sometimes literally, with the use of neuro marketing. We mix this knowledge with a wagon load of creativity and work out a strategic design concept; the blueprint for effective product displays and shop-in-shops. Or would you prefer a completely new shop interior? Tchai makes it happen!

what we’ve got instore for you

We are multitaskers with one speciality: instore communication. Tchai develops strategic concepts, produces all types of displays and installs complete shop interiors. Different services with one goal; to sell your brand even better on the shop floor. So, what don’t we do? Disappoint our clients or yours either.

Concept & design

We translate the DNA of your brand and your clients wishes into a unique and successful strategic design concept.

Store & more

Shop-in-shops, pop-up stores and brand stores. From design and project management to production and installation: Tchai is your (in) store partner.

Product presentation

We ensure that your product presentation convinces the client. Whether it’s a counter display, floor display or shelf presentation. Own production ; own transport.

// what we've created